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Pima Air and Space Museum

Pima Air Space Museum Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the world’s largest non-government funded aerospace museums. Currently, the museum features nearly 300 aircraft on display in its 127-acre campus. The Pima Air & Space Museum are also home to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame and was inducted in 1991. Visitors are encouraged to check out the museum’s online history, and photo galleries, as well as their website. The Pima Air & Space Museum is home to many world-famous aircraft, including a B-24 Liberator from the Indian air force. The museum celebrated this achievement with the Indian government and opened its doors on May 8, 1976. Since the museum is located in the heart of Arizona, it attracts an eclectic crowd. Families and children will find plenty of hands-on activities, including a simulator. And, of course, there are educational exhibits for all ages. The museum’s most popular exhibit is its space gallery, which features objects from the moon and Apollo 13. You can also view planes used by the Air Force, including the X-1 and the X-45, which were used for hypersonic tests. Children under age 12 will receive free admission. In addition to the Air Force’s museum, you can visit the Titan Missile Museum and the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame. To protect the museum’s aircraft collection, the Pima Air & Space Museum have dedicated an entire section of its facility to restoration. The museum’s main restoration facility is 30,000 square feet. It has 35-foot doors and a spray booth large enough to accommodate two cement trucks. The museum has also obtained an exemption from the EPA for periodic maintenance and inspection of large-scale equipment. This facility is also home to an isolated aircraft wash rack with a water-treatment system. Taking a tour of the Museum is not the best way to learn about the history of aerospace. Visitors are advised to budget three hours to tour the museum’s airplane galleries. A full day’s worth of activities can be had here but be sure to bring a water bottle. The museum has a cafeteria and a gift shop. If you’re visiting from out of town, you will have to pay a slightly higher fee than locals. The museum also has a display of a DC-10, one of the oldest aircraft ever built. It was built for the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and has only two surviving examples. One of these aircraft is actually the only one in the USA. Another one is a B-36, the last aircraft built for the USAF. Unlike the B-52, the B-58 is the only English Electric Lightning preserved in an aircraft museum.
Tucson, Arizona
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